Sureworks Fair Directory

We publish these directories to be handed out at Sureworks Higher Education Fairs. Containing floor plans, talk schedules, list of exhibitors as well as useful articles, this handy fair directory is a must-have for every visitor at the fair! homepage

This website accompanies the Sureworks Higher Education Fairs that are held in Kuala Lumpur every year. Browse through the latest news in higher education. Find the institution you are looking for using the comprehensive search bar and Compare Institution tool. Also, you can read useful articles about courses and careers!

Click here to visit the Sureworks website! 

LED at the Entrance Arch at Sureworks fairs

We also manage the Digital LED Advertising spaces at the Sureworks fairs. It was launched in March 2016 and consists of 12 slots of 10-seconds each; there are two screens and the ads come on from 10am to 10pm. LED advertising provides additional exposure for the exhibitors at the fair! 

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